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Don't be deflated

Check that your tyre pressures are correct in all tyres. You can normally find the vehicle manufacturer’s tyre pressure recommendations on a plate to the right of the driver’s seat. The alternative locations to find your pressures are inside the fuel filler flap or in the driver’s manual. 





Life is a journey. Let’s make it a Safe One.

If your tyres don't stop you, what will? 

Regular proactive care of your tyres saves lives and will help your tyres to perform better, last longer & save you money. 

So, don’t compromise on your safety - make sure you do the following regularly:

Get in the Groove

The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm across at least ¾ of the tyre . Check using a depth gauge or grab a 20p coin! Insert a 20p coin into the tread. If any part of the coin’s border is visible, it’s time to change the tyres. Whilst inspecting the tread depth pay attention to whether the tread has worn evenly. 

Choose the right tyres

All Season Tyres:

If you often find yourself driving in changing weather situations, which of course is common in the UK, an all-season tyre will allow you to drive with confidence, whatever the season, when dry, facing rain or the occasional snowfall. 

Check out the Bridgestone Turanza All Season 6

Touring Tyres:

If you predominantly do long motorway drives, you should lean towards running touring tyres that will favour longevity. Also, pay attention to the tyre labels and ensure they meet your requirements. Going for a tyre with an A-rated wet performance will give you the assurance that when the British weather strikes your tyres will keep you safe in heavy rain. 

Check out the Bridgestone Turanza T6

High-Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are the go-to option if you drive a higher-powered vehicle. These tyres are designed to withstand the high pressures of performance vehicles, including stability at speed, assurance in the corners and strength to withstand acceleration and braking. 

Check out the Bridgestone Potenza Sport

The steps outlined in this guide are easy to do regular tasks which will help you to take care of your tyres so they are prepared to perform year-round. 

We recommend completing these tasks once a fortnight to ensure miles of safe motoring.

SUV & 4x4 All Terrain

For those who prefer less travelled roads, consider a dedicated All Terrain Tyre. These are robust tyres developed to take the extra punishment of single track roads, rural settings, and more. The new Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain A/T002 makes a statement with a versatile tyre pattern and excellent wet and dry grip while providing high mileage. 

Check out the Bridgestone Dueler A/T002

Have a closer look

Check your tyres regularly for defects; bulges, cuts, protruding wire, or projecting items such as screws or nails. Run your hand slowly along the sidewalls and check for bulges, wire or projecting items. We recommend wearing gloves. If you are concerned about the condition of your tyres after these checks visit your nearest Bridgestone tyre dealer.

Lighten the load

Vehicles have maximum weight recommendations which can be found in your vehicle owner's manual. Your tyres also have a maximum load rating stamped on their sidewall. Obeying these limits is important since excessive loads are hard on the tyres and affect the vehicle ride and handling. The heavier the car, the worse the fuel economy will be as well. 

Spin them right round! 

Rotating your tyres regularly (as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, or every 5,000 miles) promotes even tread wear and helps the tyre perform as designed. This will also help ensure that all four tyres on your car are at the same tread depth when it is time to swap for new ones, maximising the life of your tyres.

Choosing the right tyre for your car is super important. It can help keep you safe, improve your car's performance, save on fuel, and make your tyres last longer. Bridgestone's new replacement tyres are being designed with Enliten Technologies. Most recently this includes the Turanza 6 and Turanza All Season 6. This innovative approach ensures that our tyres are well-suited for a wide range of vehicles, including those with Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), hybrids, and electric vehicles.

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Colder Winter months present additional challenges for motorists

When driving during winter months consider the following additional advice:

  • Periodically check traction, or available grip, when driving in challenging conditions. Apply the brakes with moderate pressure to determine the available grip and modify your driving, if needed, to respond to ever-changing road conditions. 
  • Maximise available grip by separating driving manoeuvres when negotiating a curve. Brake to an appropriate speed while travelling in a straight line prior to a curve. This allows you to use all the available grip for negotiating the curve. Accelerate gradually when you are able to straighten the steering wheel at the exit of the turn.
  • Avoid cruise control in wet, icy or snowy conditions. Maintain control of acceleration and deceleration at all times.
  • Avoid driving in bad weather conditions. Your safety comes first.